“Hex Engine” – Progress Walkthrough

After just under a fortnights progress, I have finally got around to making a 720p video of my WIP Hex Engine, covering a few of the features that are in there right now (well 2 days ago)…

a few select screens from  the footage:

 Simple Building  Advanced Multi Threaded Pathfinding
 Patherfinder Debugging  ”Nifty” Debugging Panels
 ’Edges’ and Ladders  Building a Simple Castle
 Test Level  Lighting the Hex Mesh


The music comes from a competition mix I did, you can grab a copy here : DJ Rojek – Silence Is Golden DJ Comp Mix

(29:57 320kbps 70.2mb)

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  1. Revilo March 31, 2012 4:40 am #

    I love how far you’ve gotten with this project :) I tend to lose interest after a while when I do things, but I’m glad you have been pulling through it all! Loved your recent terrain generation video too! I was wondering where you learn all your techniques from? Was it in University or do you have some links to some nice information (especially lighting)? Anyways, I am glad to have found your blog! Keep up the good work :)

    P.S: I would love to use your music in a little opengl demonstration I have. Do I need your written permission or is it copyright free? I will of course reference you! :)

    • James March 31, 2012 5:39 am #

      Thanks a lot mate. I’m all self taught, I often look at how a certain technique is done, attempt to understand it then try to recreate it. My puddle shader for example, I was playing Red Dead Redemption and looked at the puddles they did and it just occurred to me how they did it, so I wrote a shader that did the same thing then expanded on it.

      Lighting is just something you grow to understand over time, I don’t really know of any good links, perhaps searching for anything to do with realistic rendering in 3D programs (Blender, Max etc…), it will help with understanding how and why lighting is how it is.

      Cheers, I have no idea where copyright stands since they are not my tracks, so I say go for it =) I don’t mind at all.

      - James

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