“Hex Engine” – The Third Camera Update

(full screen + HD if you can, the lower res versions have scaled poorly)

what’s new ::

  • Image Based Lighting
  • 1080p video
  • “PhysicalCamera”
    – Physically Accurate DoF
    – Focal Length and Aaperture Iris Diameter (f-stop)
    – Bokeh
    – Chromatic Aberration
    – Auto focus
  • WIP Updated SSAO system


“Hex Engine” – The Camera Update

I have been doing heaps of work on improving the UI, and on AI systems, so to take a break from all that  I added a more comprehensive camera + screen shot system.

The 5 screen shots taken during that video can be viewed at http://imgur.com/a/GUDSn.

I really cranked the blur amounts in the video because I figured it would get washed out and lost, it works heaps better with more subtle values.

basic description of the ui :