“Hex Engine” – The Third Camera Update

(full screen + HD if you can, the lower res versions have scaled poorly)

what’s new ::

  • Image Based Lighting
  • 1080p video
  • “PhysicalCamera”
    – Physically Accurate DoF
    – Focal Length and Aaperture Iris Diameter (f-stop)
    – Bokeh
    – Chromatic Aberration
    – Auto focus
  • WIP Updated SSAO system


2 thoughts on ““Hex Engine” – The Third Camera Update

  1. Awesome work! Looks like ideal engine for some deep turn-based tactical game (like Jagged Alliance or UFO/X-COM but maybe with medieval flavour). Did you developed this completely on Java / jMonkeyEngine3 ??

    • Cheers =)

      Yeah I agree there could be some very interesting turn-based avenues for this.

      Yep, it’s all done in jME3.

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