3D Mesh Voxeliser

I put a bit of work into a mesh voxeliser, so I can turn existing 3D assets into voxel world objects :


In the proccess I changed the world random seed value by 1 to give a new background, and changed the terrain colour from brown to grey. I then had to have a quick look around to see what the new seed world looked like, and I found it to be a very interesting place to explore…


Terrain Side Project

I’ve been really sick for a few weeks and to take a break from my HexEngine work I knocked out a quick terrain side project.

(watching at 1080p will give you a-happy-a-feelings)

The terrain I made:

  • is purely procedural
  • is infinite in all directions
  • has a rough LOD system.
  • plays nicely with physics.

I deliberately pushed the limits to see how complicated I could get the terrain before it started tearing apart and breaking off into the air.

I will probably shelve this for now, more important work is afoot.