Particle System Upgrades

I slightly tweaked the JME core particle system to support extension, then created 2 simple extensions for :

  • physics based particles : particles that interact with the BulletAppState physicsSpace; and
  • particle scaling based on velocity vector : the faster a particle is moving the more longer it gets – I used this to cheaply simulate motion blur;

Matrix Inspired Dojo Scene

For me this was an exercise in basic modelling and texturing, efficient blender to JME pipeline, using cinematic and fine tuning various effects filters.

The scene is unlit (no lights), no shadows, no texture baking, no specular highlights, so it does look pretty flat, those will come next.

Volumetric Light Filter

I have been working on  Volumetric Light Filter on and off for the past few weeks, and it’s finally mostly done:

3 “Volumetric Spot Lights” buzzing around… There is no real lighting in the scene, nor are there any real shadows, it is simply showing off the volumetric light.

Earlier video testing in a real scene (Village Showcase courtesy of @destroflyer) using shadows and a real spot light:


I wrote up a detailed post explainging how the systems works on the JME forum, which I will republish here at a later date. Links to the full source are available there also.