It is an indie game currently being developed by me alone :

Single and Multiplayer weapon based combat in perpually changing environments. mTheoryGame is a third person action game, where you, your allies and foes leverage the power contained by the “Universe Charge” – a grenade like device than can open up a localised pockets of alternate realities. In its current form the game is an outlet for all my tech / shader development and game design ideas.

It’s basically a showcase of stuff I have always wanted to do in a game.



I’m James Mundy, a freelance indie game developer in Tasmania Australia. As with most solo indie developers, I currently wear many hats :

  • game designer
  • tech/engine developer
  • technical artist
  • 3d modeller and animator
  • texture artist
  • composer

The only area I’m not really doing at the moment is sound effects… yet. I’m much more into the tech and design side as I’m more of a programmer at heart than an artist.

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this site:

A blog and showcase for my work and projects.


the weather:

At the time of writing, cold and crap.
UPDATE: its getting nicer, but today is still cold


dj rojek

when I have time, I dj – you can find no extra info about me on SoundCloud.

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