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Volumetric Light Filter

I have been working on  Volumetric Light Filter on and off for the past few weeks, and it’s finally mostly done:

3 “Volumetric Spot Lights” buzzing around… There is no real lighting in the scene, nor are there any real shadows, it is simply showing off the volumetric light.

Earlier video testing in a real scene (Village Showcase courtesy of @destroflyer) using shadows and a real spot light:


I wrote up a detailed post explainging how the systems works on the JME forum, which I will republish here at a later date. Links to the full source are available there also.

Real Time Reflections

As a side effect of some of the work I have been doing on Spherical Harmonics, I made real time reflections …


Saturday Project

Yesterday I made this:

to go with some other work I’ve been doing.

That is all.

Kotaku did an article on me

This was done a while back, only went live recently, and only now am I posting it here.

read it here.

GLSL Dissolve Shader Documentation

I wrote a dissolve shader to use in mTheroyGame, and shared it with the jME community, this is all the supporting documention I drew up. It’s a bit of an insight into behind the scenes of working on the game. Documentation takes far longer than developing of the shader itself but its just part of development.

The Dissolve Shader uses a simple grey scale image as an animated mask to hide a material. It’s internal workings are deviously simple but immensely powerful.

Test Project output:

Starting at the top left we have :

  • simple linear dissolve
  • organic dissolve
  • pixel desolve

and bottom row :

  • organic growth
  • texture masking
  • organic burn

Dissolve Shader Effect Preview

I have been playing way too much Dead Island and not doing nearly enough work, but here is a preview of the small amount I have done.

The orange is supposed to be like burning up from the inside, black being the ash; and the blue being some kind of digital/holographic style dissolve.

“Counter Fu” sneak preview

still very much a WIP, but you get the idea

Enhanced Particle Shader WIP Video

I’ve been doing some work on beefing up particles, I would like to use them for a bunch more stuff so some enhancements are on the cards.

All the info is really in the video, make sure you watch at 720p.

Performance is virtually the same as the standard particle. At high FPS (800+) the new particles tend to be 3%-5% slower, but are far less susceptible to frame rate drops, and over time end up running faster. BUT …. this level of performance probably won’t stand up by the time I have finished all the enhacements.

I was going to wait until I had finished completely to share this but its ended up taking a lot of time, so an WIP update video it is, so I can feel like I have actually accomplished something.

Pre Third Alpha WIP

I have spent all week working on 3 new shader ideas, all of which are stalled and becoming very frustrating, so I spent today adding and tweaking some features in the game.

(Work in progress footage, early versions of new features.)


The video shows:

  • new “disarm fu” close combat
  • simultaneous universe spheres
  • weapon firing has been tightened signifigantly, there is camera shake and recoil animation.
  • working with debris effects
  • cinematic camera

The original video was recorded at 15fps =/ so I re-recorded  it, have kept a copy of the old one floating around since the footage is slightly different, but it looks rubbish.

mTheoryGame Second Alpha Live

I just set the second alpha live, I got it ready over the weekend and just set the pages lives now.

Unlike the first alpha, which got cut down between preview video and launch, I had time to tidy up this alpha a bit after the preview which has worked out better.

I’m already excited about the next alpha, I have fixed up few more features that have been floating around, and the game is starting to get robust enough to quickly prototype new ideas.


Second Alpha Preview Video

I’m in feature freeze and finishing off some compatibility tasks then the Second Alpha will be ready to play.


Second Alpha nearly ready

In the mad rush to plug a few bugs in the First Alpha before it went live, I pulled out a bunch of features, which I’m now in the process of putting back in : rain + wet ground, fixed up Universe charge spheres, and numerous weapon effects among others I can’t think of right now. I have also added a few new features, most notably the neon trail effect from the menu screen and a new lighting gun (with projectile collision mesh the size of a cannon ball to temporarily address some CCD issues).

There are a few more features I would like to improve over the weekend then at some point in the next couple of days I will apply another feature freeze, address a couple of known ATI driver issues and low end machine compatibility, then the Second Alpha will be ready to launch.


mTheoryGame First Alpha Live

The First Alpha dropped late last week, tested it a bit over the weekend, may as well announce it. It’s very buggy, and may not load but its only a very early alpha.

Pre Alpha Preview Video

Title says it all. This is mostly what the first Pre Alpha will be.

Visible updates:

tweaked wet ground
new rain effects
- splash
-  raindrops
softer character shader
tweaked ragdolls
Cyan rimlight for team mate
“TestLab” level
ganster universe:
- characters;
- weapon – Tommy Gun;
“air fu” melee combat
powerful ‘baggin
epic bot battles


New Character Shader Preview

I have been feverishness working on a new softer character shader, here is a preview of the progress.



In news, Closed Pre Alpha testing has begun, which means the  the Open Pre Alpha is creaping ever nearer.

Server switch completed & Closed Pre Alpha

I just got done switching servers, which took a bit longer than I had hoped. But with the switch comes a site upgrade and clean up, plus I now have the freedom to add a Closed Pre Alpa – currently an Applet of the menu screen with Windows, Mac and Linux downloads on the way, just to make sure everything is working. After a short period of closed testing I will open the Pre Alpha and get to finalising the first gameplay tests.

I went looking for an screen grab to use as an image and found a video I took the other day.


Tron Universe Screen Shot – very early WIP

Title Screen WIP preview

I have been working on a cinematic/debugging/gameplay effect and used it on the title screen as a demo. The colours can fade rather than switch, still tweaking particles, lighting, length and mass.

The light both moves on its own and is user controlled here.


mTheoryGame Playable preview just around the corner

ScreenShots update

visible updates ::

  • new ninja skin, still crap
  • new street scene (scaling + texturing tasks outstanding)
  • hud upades
  • new pistol class weapon
  • new muzzle flash
  • massively overblown muzzle light, opps.
visible updates ::
  • beginning stages of soft particles
  • street skin1 update