Maker’s Tale Fur

I’ve been toying around with some fur shader recently, not really sure if I have a use for it yet, still cool =) :


 early test
 same set-up, quickly re-tinted
 same setup, no “length map” = long uniform furlength  
   in engine with several beefy upgrades







It’s Alive! “Maker’s Tale”

The Hex Engine project has finally emerged from getting a fresh splash of paint as:

Maker’s Tale gameplay takes place on a tabletop board game that has sprung to life in the imagination of young boy named Maker. It is currently Fantasy RTS like combat in an sandbox environment empowering the player to build up, tear down, and change the map/level in real time during play.

This video is from the “Tech Demo” – the most current version of the game engine, that I hope to have finished and ready to play really soon. It shows some of the new updates.

More details coming soon!