the Reef – indie game concept made in 12 hours

Last night after I got home from dinner I threw 2 more hours at the prototype, making it a 12 hour project, which is a good round number to leave it. The extra 2 hours were really needed, and went into user input – ‘wiggle’ the mouse to swim and look around, both fish use the same mesh, the blue fish has differnt colour values and is interpolating between two sets of different characteristic parameters (position + size of eyes, size of body etc…). – I wasted so long building the fish it was a shame to not show at least a little of how it can be used. I have a 3rd set of values that look like a hammer head shark, but I had some scaling issues and I didn’t have time to fix it.

The Reef

At 8am this am I started a fresh project with a simple idea after being inspired by a movie. I finished up 10 hours later with procedural coral, and geometrically and visually configurable (from within the game) fish (face size shape, eyes, head, body proportions, fin size and size, tail size and shape) These can be set at runtime and used to generate random species. Basic colour tweaking.

I didn’t get time to do any gameplay, but thats ok, it was interesting to see where an idea can end up in a day, I never set out to make anything in particular.