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mTheoryGame Second Alpha


Thanks for checking out my second Alpha Release. It’s still buggy but that’s ok. I know about nearly all the bugs so there is no need to report any at this stage. And if you find them, please just avoid them, or they may crash your game. There is a chance it will not work at all for you, I’m sorry if that is the case, but please let me know anything you can about your issues in the comments bellow so I can try and fix it up.



Lets (attempt to) Play

Sorry about the size, 75mb is the total download I think, not including Java if you don’t have that.
People with ATI cards often have trouble running this, sorry, I’m working on it.
The last 5% takes 95% of the time to load.


  • reintroduced teleporting
  • new neon trail
  • new lightning gun
  • tweaked and reintroduced rain effects
  • ability to stop post effects from loading
  • patched camera clipping bug
  • other minor tweaks



  • w,a,s,d to move
  • mouse to look
  • left click to fire/attack or do nothing
  • scroll wheel down to change weapon/stance
  • hold right click focus on team mate – he will glow gold
  • space to jump
  • left shift to crouch
  • double tap w,a,s,d to roll (buggy)
  • e to place teleport target – new
  • f to teleport to target – new
  • r to toggle neon trial
  • press L while game is loading and/or as soon as graphics are visible, to stop post effects and shadows from starting. good for performance boost – new
  • g – air fu … hold right mouse button to target buddy, press g while holding right mouse button, buddy will jump, you will launch at buddy then air fu into ground – new
  • nb newer commands tend to be buggy


  • 4 bots on 2 teams are completely harmless in the beginning of the game.
  • once killed, a bot then receives a gun, he will attempt to kill the other team.
  • once a bot has a score of 3, they will come after the player sometimes.


1 kill = 1 point
if score 10-19
    1 death = -1 point
if score 20-29
    1 death = -2 points
if score 30-39
    1 death = -3 points
if score 40-49
    1 death = -4 points

Leader Boards

Leader boards work on the honor system =/ my best score is about 184 which I achieved by cheating. Keep in mind, high scores get tricky because once you hit say 50, the bots can be brutal and may rip you appart 3 times in a row, putting you back on 37. The game is a race against the clock, the clock being bad memory leaks and unoptimised code, it could crash at any time!


There are weapon unlocks when a player reaches score of 10, 20 and 30, more to come soon… ability unlocks are soon to follow.

Trouble Shooting

There is a pretty good chance the alpha didn’t work for you, the game is still in its infancy and there are a lot of little creases to iron out. I’m sorry if it hasn’t worked for you, I’m slowly toiling away fixing compatibility issues. Here are some tips that may or may not help
  • ATI card’s often get very cranky at the Alpha… I’m working on it
  • Older machines, or machines with poor or no descrete graphics card… The Alpha probably wont work, the current alpha is aimed with more modern system in mind, older compatibility fixes are slowly trickling out.
  • Firefox … can sometimes screw with the luncher… If having problems, try download the jnpl file again, but to your desktop, and double click on it there, not in the download list in Firefox.
  • Performance tip – the Alpha delays loading  post processing effects (improve graphics at the cost of performance) until the game has been running for 10-20 seconds, you can stop these effects from loading by pressing the ‘L’ key before they load, this can give a decent performance boost.
  • As with most games, if its running slowly, try a lower resolution.
  • If you still can’t get it running, please let me know what kind of computer you have, and the issues you are having so I can try and patch it up so you can play the next alpha.

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